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I am scheduling consultations in the Tampa Bay Area for the month of August and September

  • Interior Design
  • Renovations
  • Creative Solutions
  • Use of existing furniture and accessories in a new way
  • Selection of home furnishings and finishes
  • Party design and planning
  • Wedding design and coordination
  • Holiday and event design

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Cherished Things

I've noticed lately that it seems everyone has a bit to say about interior design and decoration. Just this morning the "celebrity news" anchor on Good Morning America was giving design advice. The thing that stood out to me, was that the chairs were placed  parallel, with a small table in between and a very large lamp. It seemed difficult to hold a conversation in this type of setting. The large lamp that was not to scale with the small table it was placed on, seemed to make a barrier to the chairs from each other.

Misconceptions About Room Design

The things that clients are often concerned about, and myths about "rules" of design:

The misconceptions and myths
  • You must have a sofa/couch.
  • Seating arrangements-often too far apart for conversation.
  • If you have a small room, you need small furniture.
  • If you use dark wall or ceiling colors, the room will feel small.
  • A rug is necessary to "ground" or "define" an area.
  • Pattern is found on rugs, textiles, wall coverings.
  • Pictures need to be hung at eye-level.

A different way to look at things