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My Blog

Choosing Textiles

As we enter the Spring season, we see the return of color especially in fashion. Textiles are constantly innovating, and so it is essential to select the textiles that are right for the application you are using it for.
With every planned textile application there are questions: what fiber? which yarn construction? what method of manufacture? what finish?
As an Interior Designer, my awareness of these choices will determine the answers and ultimately the suitability of the chosen textile.


Hello! Please take a moment to look at my boards on Pinterest. They are a source to catalogue my inspiration and thoughts on design depicted through a series of pins to visually display in a schematic way where I am in design. Plus, it is a lot of fun!! I hope you enjoy them and perhaps find your inspiration too!!
my user name is the same as my twitter account: alexthomas01

Merging Styles with Your Partner

If you are moving in with your partner, and are wondering where to begin as far as making it a home you both will enjoy here'smy number one tip:Design your life, not just your home.

Start the conversation

Are you the entertaining types? Do you lean towards a particular style: masculine, feminine, formal, casual, modern, etc. ? What are your lives like on a daily basis? Are you laid back? Busy? What are your hobbies? Perfectionists? Ok with messy? Do you enjoy color? Who needs a lot of closet space?

Lighting a room

The coolness or warmth of light is something to consider when planning or replacing your bulbs. A cool light in a room can look crisp if done well, or it can look clinical and cold. I like to use a variety of options for my clients especially in the bathroom, where they may desire a daylight color for makeup application(so that makeup isn't applied too heavily or in strange patches due to poor lighting)  and perhaps an evening color for a soak in the tub.

Natural daylight is the usual point of reference, but some daylight can be very cool.

The Subdivisions of American Periods

The Subdivisions of American Periods

It's more specific to delineate the American periods, though the styles produced before the nineteenth century are often linked together under the general headingcolonial.Here are the subdivisions:

1. Early American(1608-1720 in Virginia; 1620-1720 in New England)
2. Georgian Period (1720-1790)
3. Postcolonial or Federal Period (1790-1820)
4. Greek Revival Period (1820-1860)
5. Victorian Period (1840-1880)
6. Eclectic Period (1870-1925)
7. Modern Period (1925-present day)

Services Offered

I am scheduling consultations in the Tampa Bay Area for the month of August and September

  • Interior Design
  • Renovations
  • Creative Solutions
  • Use of existing furniture and accessories in a new way
  • Selection of home furnishings and finishes
  • Party design and planning
  • Wedding design and coordination
  • Holiday and event design

Call 727.417.6786 to set up your appointment, or email [email protected][email protected]

Oriental Rugs

Oriental Rugs: Classification, Weaves and Knots, Fibers and Materials, Dyes and Coloring

Rug Design, origin and History

Design in rugs is, of course, inseparable from design in architecture and decoration generally. The exact origin and early development of design is buried in the dawn of history. The earliest historic ornament belongs to civilizations already well advanced. The vast array of design of all ages and periods appears incomprehensible until we realize that that each style is founded on the one preceding it.

Southern Inspiration

I took a few photos of a project of mine in progress over the weekend, and also some pretty and inspiring scenes of the area...I know it's not good for the Oak trees, but Spanish Moss is so pretty. I hope you enjoy!

Guest Friendly Home and Entertaining

  • Your moodsets the tone.
  • Don't use plastic.
  • Make introductions  so that no one feels left out. Make sure to introduce people that you think will enjoy meeting each other (common interests, personalities, etc).
  • Out of the bag snacks (nuts, pretzels, crisps) are elegant when put in apretty bowl. In fact, place a few small bowls around the room.
  • It's a little old school to sit at thehead of the table. And, it willsurprise and delighta good friend or guest of honor to suggest they sit there.

A Couple Ideas

  • Use LED lighting
  • Talk with an artisan about Paris Plaster, refinishing furniture, leafing walls, and creating custom mosaics and tile work....include your interior designer in this conversation!
  • If you are painting, don't forget to paint your ceilings! Ask your Benjamin Moore specialist about adding a "pearl finish". It can subtley alter the color and depth of your walls in different lighting, it is not necessarily glossy or mineral looking but is a sneaky way to add dimension without adding the glare of high gloss.