Alexandra Thomas Interior Design - FAQ - Tampa Bay, FL
  • Hiring an Interior Designer seems expensive, and time consuming. How do I know I'll get the design I want for my home, and not get tied in to high costs and a long term commitment?
I agree! It seems like a luxury to have an Interior Designer! The way I see it, it should be accessible to have an Interior Designer and I want to "demystify" the process. I've set up my services so that you know the time commitment, and convenience I'm offering. The pricing is a simple package deal, with other a la carte options to choose from. I'm not interested in high volume, I'd rather overwhelm a few than underwhelm many.
  • How do I know which service I need?
I can help you choose, and keep it as simple as needed. I'm not going to push or sell you. It is a win-win if we are both happy and working towards what is right for you. I prefer to have frank discussions that lead to a functional, creative design that is custom for your life and home.
  • How do you know what I need for my home? How do I know I'll get what I'm paying for?
I will give you a questionnaire to fill out, that will ask about your preferences, how you use your home, and other interview style questions first. Then I will speak with you about the questionnaire, and listen to you as you describe your hopes for your home, needs, and any thing else you have on your mind.
I will give you a schematic design, and direction to achieving your goals, dreams etc. and we will both tweak it as necessary before we begin. Along our way, I'll check in with you and make certain you are happy. It's more rewarding for me if you are happy and excited about your home. It's not about me! I have a lot of experience, education and training as well as a natural creative side!